Monday, March 19, 2018

Why Is Modi Silent On Tamil Nadu Farmers’ Protest In Delhi?

Over the past few months, farmers from Tamil Nadu were protesting at Jantar Mantar to fulfil their demands. They drank their own urine and ate their own excreta but still, they were not satisfied with the response of the government.

With 60 percent deficit in rainfall, Tamil Nadu has seen the worst drought in 140 years. The farmers demanded a Rs. 40,000-crore drought relief package, farm loan waiver, crop insurance for individual farmers and remunerative prices for their crops.

In spite of all these events, PM has not met them to discuss their problems. Many people are openly questioning about why PM is not even interested in meeting the farmers.

“If PM Modi does not address this issue, then he may have to face the consequences of the same”, says a student from Delhi. The protest has already crossed 50days and few farmers were also arrested recently. Till date, no compensation was announced and no assurance was given by the prime minister.