Monday, March 19, 2018

Do You Know What Vidya Balan Had To Do To Survive?

Neha Dhupia, ex-Miss India, had to struggle hard to reach the place, she enjoys today. She is known for being bold and “Unfiltered” but the actress did not attain success overnight. She had to struggle by going to auditions and her beauty pageant win did not help her much in gaining many contacts due to her nature.

Today, we know her as one of the good actors and Tumhari Sulu kind of movies gave her a scope to even dominate ascertain and funny, Vidya Balan in few scenes. But life hasn’t been so kind to her all the time. She had to struggle after coming to Mumbai as she did not have her parents support to make the move.

She tried her best to stay afloat with friends support but that did not help her all the time. She had to answer the issue of hunger and problems like lack of proper nutrition to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She shared in an interview, “I wasn’t too desperate to make the cut by hook or crook. So, when there were false advances that could have ended my life as a B-Grade actress at best. I kept my chin up and decided to wait my time.

“One day, I attended an audition just because they are providing sandwiches to those who have come up to their office. I did not get the part, I did not even hope for. I think I have travelled quite far from being a struggle to no food to a person who has a voice that people listen. I am thankful to all those who stayed with me during my struggle and will always remember those days to stay grounded,” concluded the actress.

Neha Dhupia is one of the famous hosts on Television, Radio and she is also taking up supporting roles and characters roles in the movies. Her Julie movie is getting a sequel with Raai Laxmi as the lead after 12 years.