Friday, December 14, 2018
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Has The Way To Victory Become Easy For BJP In General Elections Of 2019 After The Victory In North Eastern States?

BJP workers are celebrating the success of their party in the north eastern states. While it can’t be denied that BJP did better than expected in the recent elections in North Eastern states, it should also be kept in mind that winning the General Elections in 2019 is a bigger game.

Every state election has some lessons for all the parties to learn and enhance their performance. The Gujarat state elections have stated clearly that BJP needs to do more homework and focus on the local aspirations of the states. The recent election in Tripura has also proved that having an honest leader at the front itself is not enough in the coming days, the government has to focus on the concerns of the people and address them on time.

People are expecting good governance with a promise of development and progress. It is mandatory for the political parties to come up with effective strategies that promise a better future. BJP has been able to create this confidence among the people of Tripura and henceforth rocketed from a position of zero to 40 seats in one giant leap.

However, the result of this state election is not going to have much effect on the voter behavior in other states. The recent by-polls in the states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Odisha gave mixed results to the saffron party. While the results of MP gave a positive boost to BJP, the results in the other two state by-elections have proved that the climb uphill is not going to be so easy for BJP.

While the tantrums played by the chief opposition party leader may give some relief to the ruling party at the Centre, it should not be considered as a cake walk to win the general elections in 2019 as various forces are working towards defeating the BJP. Tripura election results have surely boosted the spirits of BJP workers across the country, but there is a need for more focus and effective performance to gain an upper hand over others.