Friday, December 14, 2018
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Sri Lanka Declares Nationwide State Of Emergency To Quell Anti-Muslim Riots

Sri Lanka, the island station, is in deep trouble now with anti-Muslim riots in the central district of Kandy. Sri Lankan President Mathirapala Sirisena has declared a 10 day state of emergency in the country to curb violence.

Previously, the island nation was under a state of emergency for nearly three decades when Prabhakaran reigned havoc with LTTE. According to eye witness accounts, riot broke out in central district of Kandy after the funeral of a truck driver from the Sinhalese Buddhist community died after being engaged in an altercation with four Muslims.

There is no denying the fact that communal tension in Sri Lanka in the last few years has been very common especially between the Buddhists and the Muslims residing in the nations. The Muslims have been accused of expansionism and forceful conversion. The deteriorating relation between people of two communities hasn’t helped the nation altogether. Many Buddhist nationalists have protested against the presence of Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar, which is also facing a long time crisis.

Already two people have been killed and dozens of mosques and homes have been vandalised in Kandy. The situation is certainly going to get worse if the Sri Lanka doesn’t get a strong hold of the situation. No doubt, disturbances of this kind are certainly going to have impact in southern states of India as well. Thus from Indian perspective too, the recent turn of event is extremely disappointing.