Friday, December 14, 2018
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One More Chance To Opposition In 2019 Means 18th Invasion Of India By Mahmud Of Ghazni

Dear Indians, let us not be as careless or as innocent as Shylock to lose all jewels and then cry out of total hopelessness and despondency.

”Why, thou
loss upon loss! The thief went with so much, and so
much to find the thief, and no satisfaction, no
revenge, nor no ill luck stirring but what lights a’ my
shoulders, no sighs but a’ my breathing; no tears but
a’ my shedding”

Who knows the above lines written by William Shakespeare may be with a definite purpose in mind (several centuries ago in his drama ‘Merchant of Venice’) i.e. to tell Indians why they should vote for Modiji in 2019 and not others.

People of India had endured enough of scams and here onward India needs development and corruption-free administration.

Already the thieves have gone with so much and have slashed all scam monies in Swiss Bank and Modiji is spending so much to confiscate all those black money. Because of several bilateral treaties with several countries, the progress is a bit slow. Again the country going with all those same political parties will certainly make India pauper and endure 18th invasion by Mahmud of Ghazni.

All those people who ask Modiji about when the portion of the black money will come to their bank account are not bothered to isolate the political parties that have looted India.

Modiji has brought great transparency in administration, rooted out big-ticket corruptions and has cleaned the system. To completely remove corruption in India, Modiji must continue in office at least for another two successive terms.

The hopes and aspirations of millions of Indians have started to sprout. If the Mahmud of Ghazni is allowed to invade India again, it is not India’s development plan alone will suffer, we may even lose our entire economy and later we may have to trace it in a Swiss account. Further, the Ghazni regime also may facilitate the safe immigration of all black money holders to whichever the country they have their villas and posh apartments.

Instead of weighing options, a decision must be taken right now to go for Modiji because India must develop and progress. If an opportunity is given to the same syndicates of scams, such opportunity they might use only to ensure their protection from the possible investigations initiated by Modiji. For the voters, the same plight, same tyranny, same pain and same agony etc., would continue.

The choice before people is not political but is about the nation and its future. Therefore in 2019, people of this country should not see get lost in the contests between several political parties, but as how responsible people are in developing New India by rendering their unconditional support to Modiji.

People should not see any contest but must see unanimity and singular choice in choosing Modiji. People should pledge their solidarity to Modiji because 2019 is not just an election where Modiji will be seeking mandate but it is a war, a war against corruption and dynasty, war against scams and black money, necessarily India must win that means, Modiji must win.

The mission of Sab ka Sath Sab ka Vikas, Swachh, make in India, skill India etc., all we must be achieved in full spirit.

People of India have given two consecutive terms to UPA and we all know what happens to India, let us give one more term for Modiji to develop India. Let us prove to the world that we are going to be with Vikas Purush Modiji and not with Vinash Purush.

It is not minority appeasement; minority development is the priority of Modiji. Therefore without giving any political colour or taste or flavor, people must make up their mind to support Modiji in 2019.