Friday, December 14, 2018
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How To Become A Confident Public Speaker

Public Speaking is an Art and how can you master it?

Whether we are speaking in a team meeting or presenting in front of audience we all have to speak in public from time to time we always wear in front of people that whether we will be able to do it or not as it is going to create a image in their minds but the good thing is that we can practice and do preparation before giving presentations this helps us to overcome nervousness and perform exceptionally well. Being a good public speaker can enhance your reputation, boost your Self Confidence and open up countless opportunities.

Here are some Strategies for becoming a better public speaker-

1. Plan appropriately:

First make sure that you plan your communication appropriately you can use 7 C’s of communication to think about how you will structure what you are going to say.Planning also helps you to think on your feet this is especially important for unpredictable question and answer session on last minute communications.

2. Practice:

There is a good say about this that practice makes a man perfect. you simply cannot be a confident compelling speaker without practice. to get practice seek opportunities to speak in front of others you could also put yourself in situations that require public speaking. If you are going to deliver a presentation or prepared speech create it as early as possible. practice it plenty of times alone using the resources you will rely on at the event.

3. Engage with your audience:

When you are speaking in public try to engage with them. This makes you feel less isolated as a speaker and keeps everyone involved with your message. If it’s possible then ask leading questions targeted to individuals or groups and encourage people to participate and ask questions. Also pay attention to how you are speaking if you are nervous you might talk quickly this may increase the chances that you will trip over your words or say something you don’t mean. Take a deep breath and try to speak slowly. Also avoid reading word for word from your notes instead make a list of important points and memorize them.

4. Pay attention to body language:

Your body language tells a lot about you. it gives constant subtle clues to your audience about your inner state. If you are nervous your audience will soon know about it. Pay attention to your body language: stand up straight, take a deep breath, look people in the eye and smile. don’t lean on one leg or use gestures that feel unnatural.

5. Think positively:

If you are thinking positively it will make a huge difference to the success of your communication because it helps you feel more confident. your fear can make a negative impact on the audience. Use affirmations and visualisation to raise your confidence. this is especially important right before your speech or presentation visualise that you are giving a successful presentation and imagine how you will feel once it’s over.

6. Watch recordings of your speeches:

Whenever it’s possible record your presentations and speeches. You can improve your speaking skills dramatically by watching your recordings once you are done and then you can work on improving in areas that didn’t go well. As you are watching notice verbal skills such as ‘um’ or ‘like’. Look at your body language: are you looking at audience, did you smile, did you speak clearly at all times. pay attention to your gestures. Lastly, look at how you handle interruptions such as a sneeze or a question that you weren’t prepared for.

Public speaking is an art and to master it these are some of the guidelines you should follow. Overcome your fear and Start speaking !