Friday, December 14, 2018
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Bala Vikasa earns place in LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS

The Widows’ convention organized with 10,252 widows on 23rd June 2017 at Lal Bahadur Stadium, Hyderabad was recorded by the Limca Book of Records as National Record for gathering widows at one place on a large scale.

A press meet organized at Bala Vikasa Peoples’ Development Training Center speaking in this meet, Mr. Shoury Reddy Singareddy, Executive Director of Bala Vikasa stated that the organization has initiated Eradication of Widow Discrimination movement in the year 2007 and since then the movement is spread in both the Telugu states. To mark the International Widows day on 23rd June 2017 Bala Vikasa has organized a state level convention with 10,252 widows at LB stadium in collaboration with like-minded institutions and individuals. This convention was organized to discuss the existing scenario, discrimination, societal injustice, and bad practices against widows. This great event earned a place in LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS as the biggest ever platform for widows in the history of India. Widows gathered and participated in such large numbers to raise their voice against suppressions and discrimination.

This convention was organized in collaboration with DRDA, MEPMA, ICDS, and GHMC, seven NGOs from Telangana State and Three NGOs from other states, Bala Vikasa Water Purification Village level committees. The expenses incurred for the convention are purely met by the donations raised from the local donors. Several religious leaders from Hinduism, Christianity and Islam also supported the convention by participating in it and denouncing such practices in the name of religion.

He further added that the movement initiated by Bala Vikasa is duly recognized by the print and electronic media, and the movement spread is the indication of the growing concern of society towards the issue. He added that Bala Vikasa will advocate the widows’ rights and fight for their justice. He stated that the Bala Vikasa is planning to organize another big convention with Widows in AP state this year on June 23rd, 6 types of wall posters are printed and will be pasted in all the villages, collection of poems on Widows’ woes from noted Telugu writers will be compiled as a book and will be made available in Libraries. He thanked all the people those who have contributed for this record creating convention.

Following demands were raised during the convention

Formation of a separate corporation (like that of BC, SC, ST, etc..) for the empowerment of widows and their children.

Encourage widow remarriage and support them with double the incentive of Kalyana Laxmi and give priority to widows in allocation of double bedroom flat.

Make provisions and allocate budgets to Organize international widow’s day on 23rd June every year in different parts of the state to create awareness among society

To pass a GO making mandatory participation of widows in the ceremonies organized at every government funded project from Grampanchyath to municipal levels

Though the government has responded positively to these demands, yet they have not come into existence, he stated that the organization will raise these issues in every meeting with the government officers and political leaders