Friday, December 14, 2018
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71 Transfers In 34 Years : The Unfortunate Fate Of An IAS Officer

In the last three decades, whenever any political outfit has formed the government in the centre on its own or with the allies – has promised of transparency. Sadly, the reality is absolutely different and IAS Officer Pradeep Kasani is a true testimony to that.

In the last 34 years, Pradeep Kasani has been transferred 71 times and that isn’t the end of the story. When Manohar Lal Khattar’s BJP came to power in Haryana, whistleblower Pradeep Kasani was transferred to a defunct department for his posting and the ever upright man wasn’t paid of his salary for six months.

This is not only an embarrassing instance but a shame for Indian democracy that an honest person has been categorically harassed and time and again forced to compromise with the corrupt system of governance.

When the BJP came to power in 2014, PM Narendra Modi called for zero tolerance to corruption, top to bottom in different sections of the society. There were also provisions made to safeguard whistleblowers. Most unfortunately, the Manohar Lal Khattar government virtually manhandled with the whistle-blower IAS officer. In September 2016 only, he was transfered thrice. The fate of other whistleblowers namely Ashok Khemka and Sanjiv Chaturvedi are not different either.

Although Ashok Khemka gave all valid evidence against Robert Vadra in the DLF case, the Khattar government has maintained loud ‘silence’ on this issue. In case of Sanjeev Chaturvedi too, the Khattar government doesn’t seem interested to look into Haryana forestry scam during the Bhupinder Singh Hooda government. Although the case was submitted to Central Administrative Tribunal, not a single move has been initiated by the state government.

No doubt, the credibility of the Manohar Lal Khattar government is at stake and the very ethics of Indian democracy is compromised with such governments who have failed to protect and safeguard the original guardians of the nation as a whole.