Thursday, January 24, 2019
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36% Of The Nation’s Politicians To Face Criminal Cases This Year

In a shocking disclosure, the Centre has informed the Supreme Court that 1,765 MPs and MLAs or 36% of the Parliamentarians and state assembly members faced criminal charges out of the total 4,896 politicians in the country. This figure portrays the increase in criminality in Politics in the current decade.

The Government has gathered the details of the criminal cases on the Politicians for the first time. Special fast-track hearing courts will be set up to address these pending cases and conclude them possibly within a year.

The state-wise list of the pending criminal cases on Politicians showed Uttar Pradesh in the top of the list with 539 cases on the state politicians. It was followed by Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Bihar and West Bengal.

The Central Government has informed the Supreme Court that 12 courts are being set up to address these pending criminal cases on Politicians. Two courts are to be set up in the National capital Delhi, where 228 cases on the politicians are to be heard. Ten courts are to be set up in other states based on the number of cases in each state.

Centre has allotted Rs 7.80 crore to set up the fast-track courts in the states as required. Centre informed that the number of courts will be increased as and when needed. The current courts have been set up as a tentative measure.

It is a big disgrace to the largest democracy in the world that 1/3 of its politicians are involved in criminal cases. It has to be seen if the fast track courts could deliver justice to the influential and the powerful. It is a much-awaited step to punish the criminals in politics and clean the system.