Friday, December 14, 2018
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10 shocking Coincidences In Lives Of Sridevi And Michael Jackson

The passing away of Sridevi has created lot of buzz among world wide community of film lovers. Crores of people mourned the death of India’s First International Female Star. As the dicucssions on cause of the death still continue, a new shocking revelation came when People Found many similarities in the life story and careers of the Sri Devi and Michael Jackson.

1.Both have started their career at the age of 4 years

Sridevi started her career as child artiste at the age of 4 with the movie kandan durai. Michael Jackson gave his first on-stage performance at the age of 5

2. Their careers are totally nurtured by their parents

Sri Devi’s mother Rajeswari Yanger always wanted her child to be a movie actress. She gave her full support to her child from the early days. Michael Jackson’s father too wanted his son to a popular singer. He always trained him hard to work more on his skills.

3.Both have shot to Fame at the age of 13

Sri Devi made her complete debut as heroine in the movie Moondru Murai directed by K.Balachander at the age of 13. Michael too have started to give public performances at the age of 13.

4.Both have undergone plastic surgery for nose

Sridevi and Michael Jackson Both have undergone plastic surgery for their nose.

5.Both are very good dancers

Sreedevi is said to be one of the greatest dancers on screen in Indian Cinema. Coming to Michael , He revolutionised the art of dancing

6.Both have been married twice

Sri Devi Was initially married to Mithun Chakraborthy, which ended up as a tragedy. Then she was again married to Boney kapoor in the year 1996. Michael Jackson is married to Deborah Revy and then later to Leila Marie Presley both of them ending up in divorce.

7.Both have lost their properties in court cases

Sri Devi Almost have lost all her properties after her mother passed away in the year 1996. In the same year , most of her earnings went in the favour of her sister srilatha in the court. Michael Jackson almost lost most of his properties due to the cases impending on him.

8.They have been troubled by controversies

Sri Devi’s career was always a painful journey where she has been troubled by controversies in which she was never involved. The recent one was from the sets of Bahubali Movie. Michael Jackson’s life is always troubled by controversies what were sparked from nowhere. Even the images in which he was playing with his kid, became a legal issue, that made the actor to step into court room.

9.Shocking similarities in their final moments

Michael Jackson Fell Dead while he was practising for his next show in a closed theatre. Sri Devi Fell Dead in a bath tub in a hotel room. In both cases, the initial suspicion about the cause of the death was heart attack.

10.The Role of medicines in their death

Many do claim that the main reason behind Michael Jackson’s death was due to pain killers that affected his vital organs. Same is the case of Sri Devi in which weight loss pills , were claimed to be the main cause for her death.